Frank's Lawn Care   Columbia SC
Like the energizer bunny, we just
go go go,

A twofer Friday.  Fun is the sun.  Nothing broke.  We broke
nothing.  The leaves are hanging on and soon will be more than a handful!

Another day, another failure?  Or simply another challenge,  
challenges come and go, blessed be the challenges :)

Episode102720 had a failure.  Only three of the scheduled four
yards could be completed. Oh happy days.  More work than a single can
do.  Oh happy days.

10/20/20 First paid
impeller bagging.

10/16/20 Track it.  
Leaves suck!

10/11/20 Masks help with preventing larger particles from entering the
nasal passages.  Keeping them secure in place can be tricky.  This mask
had to be held in place with one hand the last time worn during a dust
session.  We
cleaned yesterday hoping for many more years of service :)

10/04/20 10-4 back door.  Glorious 16 this week.  Short of the 17 from last
but it is what it is :)  MOw work than can possibly be done leaving MOw
work for the weekend.  Always working for the weekend!

10/02/20 Got my 52" back yesterday and have mowed 4 customers with it
and my yard.  That 52" is just fun!

09/26/20 Placed the 30" in the shop for the professionals to repair.  
If you
can't do it yourself then you need to be able to pay. 3+

09/22/20 With the 52" and 30" Toro out of production, what can I do?  Go
mow baby!  

09/18/20 So happy to report I am almost caught up.  
Work is a good thing.

09/17/20 Am not ready for this silly sally storm overhead.  Shame I have
not built that extra dry storage for my mowers.  I could be working in the
rain doing much needed shop work today.  There is one thing that I could
do to help ease the worries, get a new key.  Long drive to the dealer but
what else is there to do?

09/16/20 Into every life a little rain must fall.  Rain is a good  thing :)  Wet
glorious mowing, nothing could be finer in Caroliner!